About Slugger O’Toole

Slugger O’Toole is a news and research portal, looking at various strands of political aspects of life in Northern Ireland. It brings together comment from a full range of the political spectrum that should be of interest to the specialist and the general reader.

Slugger aims to connect audiences in Northern Ireland with the rest of the world. From time to time we’ve created substantial debate in given areas. Our report on the future of Unionism created substantial debate both on and off line.

In 2008, Slugger has branched out into the promotion of good local governance. We helped to promote the Northern Ireland Councillor Website project and in October 2008, the first ‘Slugger Awards’ will take place in Belfast. These awards will reward good local governance in Northern Ireland at all levels.

We have also pioneered direct on-the-ground blog reporting for the the Assembly and Westminster elections, uincluding a live panel event with high profile journalists and commentators and fellow blogger Richard Delevan reporting directly to Slugger’s online readers.

We track parallel issues in the Republic of Ireland, Britain and the wider world, focusing on particular subject areas like the economy, cultural issues or the environment. The primary language of Slugger O’Toole is English, but from time to time we also blog in Irish.

Slugger has developed a reputation one of the hosting an (mostly) intelligent dialogue in Northern Ireland on range controversial and important issues.

Slugger O’Toole is edited and written by researcher and political analyst Mick Fealty, with a growing team of bloggers from across the political spectrum.

Praise for Slugger O’Toole:

“Excellent, balanced weblog on Northern Ireland” – The Guardian

“…pulls in people of all persuasions and none” – BBC

“…one of the best political blogs on the net.”
– Irish News

“…dump all your old ideas about what’s happening in Northern Ireland” – Sunday Independent

“…asking the right questions and getting together the right answers” – Esquire

“Comment from a full range of the political spectrum” –

“Drives debate beyond the web” – Sunday Times

“…one of the Irish blogosphere’s genuine stars” – Sunday Tribune

“Just keep scrolling” – Instapundit

“Hardwired into the Blogosphere” – Indymedia

“No relation, but some fine reporting!” – Deborah O’Toole

Praise for the Councillor Website Project:

“Communicating with people is the most important aspect of any elected representative’s role. The use of new media and technology offers the opportunity for people to connect with politicians more quickly and directly than ever before.

The project allows a two-way flow of information and can play a very important role in ensuring that people are fully engaged in the democratic process and the decisions taken in their local Council.” – Rt Hon Peter Robinson MP MLA

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