Posted by: Mick Fealty | October 26, 2016

Rule of law versus rule of the mob, which side are you on boys and girls?

When’s false imprisonment not false imprisonment? When it’s in a good cause? Nope, says Gerard Howlin…

Like Trump, what the far Left here stand for is a dictatorship of the articulate. Among the many words that are most abused are “democracy” and “community”. There is now a newly empowered, self-appointed populism, a protectorate of the people, which in fact is the greatest threat to our democracy in decades. The words so freely bandied, uprooted from all meaning, except that malleable purpose proposed by their authors, are spectacular in their cynicism. In opposition to liberalism, deeply authoritarian, mirroring mirages of left and right have emerged which see actual people as fodder for causes, but not the cause itself.


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